The Next Generation of Gin

Mexigin celebrates Latin American flavors and spices in its premium, unique spirit to create a drinking experience like never before. Each small-batch, handcrafted bottle of Mexigin delivers a Dark Spiced Gin that is perfect for your favorite cocktails, sipping neat or concocting something new.

By bringing together a variety of smooth notes and savory all-natural spices with just enough juniper and an elevated heat on the back end, Mexigin is the catalyst for the Gin Revolution and the feedback proves it.

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Why Invest in Mexigin?

Our Story

Mexigin was founded in order to take the traditional ‘Old World’ flavor of gin and spice it up with the incredible spices that are so prevalent in the culture of Latin America. By bringing the unique and electric tastes that make Latin cuisine such a favorite around the world, we have created a truly one-of-a-kind Spirit.
An extraordinary gin with no ordinary story, Mexigin’s success has been seen through its increased sales and immediate case reorder rate of 80% (all in the midst of the pandemic). Within the first three months of launch, Mexigin was featured on high-profile cocktail menus, including Award-Winning Chef David Burke’s world-class restaurants. Due to high levels of capacity restrictions at bars and restaurants, The Mexigin Team was committed to getting feedback in a focused proof of concept, and the consumers immediately responded. Bartenders and Mixologists across the region were creating what has been described as “killer cocktails,” and Mexigin found itself on 90% of cocktail menus upon very first order at a wide variety of restaurants and bars. Crowds are sipping Mexigin in a range from the Sunday morning brunch favorite “The Act of Contrition” to riffs on Margaritas, Manhattans and Mules to entirely original creations such as our signature “Villa del Sol” and “Beach Negroni”

Mexigin® elevates every vodka, bourbon, whiskey, tequila, and rum cocktail with its UNIQUE flavor profile.

The Problem
A Market Gone Stagnant
The gin market is marked by monotony; however, we don’t see that as a problem – it’s an opportunity. Most distillers produce similar gin, leaning toward more botanical and juniper-forward tastes. This repetitive flavor profile, accompanied by consumers classifying it as a seasonal spirit, has limited the possibilities of the gin market for decades. This resistance to change within the gin sector has placed it at odds against other spirits markets, markedly vodka and tequila, which have capitalized on meeting consumers' versatile taste preferences and desire for a variety of cocktails they can enjoy year-round.

First Opportunity

We’re Spicing Up the Gin Market

Mexigin Spiced Gin is the industry disrupter, capitalizing on the beloved flavors of Latin America and capturing them in an exciting new gin line.

Mexigin’s unique distilling process offers an unrivaled and distinct flavor profile. It marries a variety of smooth notes, savory all-natural spices, and subtle botanical flavors that result in a robust taste with an elevated and satisfying heated finish.

Each small-batch, handcrafted bottle of Mexigin packs a sultry punch that adds a unique and tantalizing twist to your most beloved cocktails while still offering an elevated sipping experience for the most discerning of palates.

• In 2020, the global market size of alcoholic beverages amounted to over $1.49 trillion, cementing its status as a pandemic-proof industry. (Source)

• Mexigin’s revolutionary dark spiced flavors will disrupt the gin market, which is stifled by a lack of ingenuity. Still, the market was pegged at $14.02 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $20.16 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 4.9% from 2021 to 2028, offering a ripe opportunity for Mexigin to find success with its flavorfull spirit. (Source)

• Craft Gin is projected to post the greatest growth in total spirits – up from 9% share of the total U.S. craft spirits market in 2020 (compared to a +2% CAGR for total U.S. Gin over the same period) to a forecasted CAGR of +23% from 2020 to 2025. (Source) Mexigin can lead the craft Gin Market in 2022 and grab share from the mainstream Gin Market.

Second Opportunity

Igniting a New Generation of Gin Lovers

Given the appetite for craft gin and the appealing brand style of Mexigin, sales have been driven by every generation including the 21-35 age range, seeking a new approach to creative cocktails and sensitive to determining factors such as price, versatility and sustainability.

We've created visually distinctive labeling with a Latin American flair that complements Mexigin's warm flavors and deep amber hue to heighten the connections between flavor and form. Upon opening a bottle of Mexigin, consumers are greeted with equally warm and delightful aromas that enhance its spicy and citrusy taste. Conscious consumers will appreciate Mexigin’s all-natural, gluten-free approach and our commitment to sustainability.

From sipping Mexigin on the rocks with a filet mignon to relaxing with a Mexigin Manhattan beside a cozy fireplace, adding a blend of citrusy smooth notes with a variety of savory spices means we will have steady sales 12 months per year.

What Makes Mexigin Special?

Simply put, Mexigin is unlike any gin that you have ever tasted in your life

We’ve bottled that summer sun warmth for year-round enjoyment in any season. the only gin that is smooth enough to sip neat or easily replace whiskey, bourbon, vodka, rum, tequila, or traditional gin in your drink of choice.

Handcrafted in small batches using reverse osmosis water that is exceptionally smooth. Next, our distillate is 100% corn, while the flavor comes from a blend of juniper, peppers and spices that took years to perfect.

Mexigin has experienced an 80% reorder rate in a focused market. This, coupled with outstanding feedback from consumers at bars, restaurants and liquor stores in the countries most coveted markets, has led the team to seek rapid expansion and growth. Mexigin seeks to scale its operations with distribution to on-premise and off-premise locations across all 50 states and overseas to meet existing demand. The executive team just signed a deal with a distribution channel enabling consumers in 30+ states to purchase Mexigin and the growth will not stop there.

Placed in an artisan bottle that has been specifically designed to celebrate the Latin American culture from which our incredible taste is derived from, Mexigin is meant to captivate the eyes on the shelf and the taste buds in the glass

The Gin Market in the US Getting in the $6 Billion Growth Ride

• On the back of current trends, the global gin market is expected to grow from $14B in 2020 to $20B in 2028.

• We’re positioning Mexigin to capture an increasingly large market share in this global growth trend. All signals point to Mexigin - from an increasing desire for craft spirits to the fact that Mexigin is not affected by seasonality - Mexigin has proven its year-round drinkability, even in colder climate markets. As the spirits industry grows, Mexigin will continue to claim a segment all its own.

• Our robust marketing strategy will include the implementation of regional and national B2B and B2C campaigns that will feature social and digital programs to support brand awareness and Direct-to-Consumer initiatives.

• Upon closing the estimated $610 MM acquisition of Aviation Gin in 2020, Ivan Menezes, CEO of Diageo, said, “The acquisition of Aviation American Gin and the Davos Brands portfolio is in line with our strategy to acquire high growth brands with attractive margins that support premiumization.”

Versatility to Reach All Consumers

Unlike traditional gin that primarily gets purchased during the summer for the standard ‘gin and tonic’ or the occasional martini, Mexigin’s versatility means that we are able to be enjoyed by a wide range of consumers.

From upscale martini bars to pubs to pregaming at a tailgate, this aromatic blend of flavorful gin can truly do it all.

Not only do we have a bevy of recipes that we have developed with our mixologist partners, but Mexigin can replace vodka, whiskey, bourbon, tequila and rum in anybody’s classic drinks.

Whether making spiced cocktails on a chilly fall evening or sipping a refreshing gin mojito at a beach bar, Mexigin is made to add that Latin American spice to any glass.

We Are Growing FAST

Despite only being introduced to the market this last year, in the midst of a pandemic that has limited bar visits, the love for Mexigin has been rapidly spreading!

Celebrity Partnerships

By working alongside top mixologists and chefs, we have already established a strong network within the bar and hospitality industry. We are currently working with Chef David Burke to the point that not only has he helped us create a signature cocktail using Mexigin, but it is a featured cocktail on his menu at multiple locations. We are also working with high profile chef, TV host and author Todd English to have Mexigin featured in both his cooking recipes and at his wildly successful restaurants.

High Volume Bars

Despite restrictions minimizing bar visits, we have already secured partnerships with over 27 high volume bars in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. As customers continue to order Mexigin in these establishments, our reputation is only growing and we continue to be contacted by other bars and restaurants looking to carry our products. We anticipate to have at least 40 high volume partnerships closed by the end of Q1 2021, with many more joining us as we move towards summer.

Multistate Operations

We are proud to be speaking with a number of nationwide chain restaurants that are interested in carrying Mexigin in their locations. Not only does this allow us to grow our sales, but by having our brand displayed inside well-known restaurants and sports bars, we are boosting brand visibility and organic marketing.

Sold in Drizly

Known as the ‘Amazon of Liquor’, Drizly is the largest alcohol marketplace that is available in 180 distinct markets throughout the United States. With the demand for alcohol delivery rising at an astronomic rate, our addition to Drizley means that we will be conveniently available for new consumers to enjoy with just a click-of-a-button.

Now It's Your Turn to Be Part of the Success.

The gin industry is already a multi-billion-dollar market. Successfully testing three highly competitive markets in the U.S. and seeing solid numbers expressing overwhelming feedback from consumers in less than 12 months shows how powerfully Mexigin Spiced Gin is positioned to grow and cultivate a whole new generation of gin lovers and convert a new following from non-gin lovers. Mexigin has the taste, bold vision, and marketing strategies in place to successfully propel it forward as a brand while ushering in a new era in the history of the gin industry.

By investing in Mexigin, you'll be participating in one of the most exciting growth stories that the global multi-billion-dollar beverage market is seeing right now. Come along and taste the success. Become a shareholder today.