The Most Flavorful Gin in the World

Premium 6x distilled gin blended with Latin American spices.

Are you ready to be taken on a journey? Each bottle of Mexigin takes you to the vibrant streets of Latin America, where the passion for flavor is always burning. The enticing aroma of Mexigin’s citrusy notes instantly capture your senses, while the first sip finishes with an elevated heat profile on the back end.  

Whether sipping it straight or adding it to your favorite cocktails, Mexigin immediately takes your senses to another level. Designed to bring Old World flavors to New World premium gin, its sharpness is matched only by its versatility.

Remarkably smooth yet finished with a touch of picante, Mexigin truly is the next generation of gin.

A Unique Distillation Process
Mexigin uses a combination of specialized distilling and authentic ingredients to create our incredible natural flavor.

Artisanal Small Batch Mexigin