The Next Generation of Gin

A gin unlike any other. Each small batch, handcrafted bottle of Mexigin delivers a unique flavor profile that is perfect for your favorite cocktails or sipping neat.

Natural. Flavorful. Extraordinary.

We believe that gin can be used for more than just martinis and mixing with tonic. Mexigin delivers a bold flavor created through 100% corn distillate blended with juniper, peppers and spices for an exciting drinking experience.

Mexigin Manhattan

Mexigin has been used with great success in cocktails such as Manhattans, Old Fashions,  and other Bourbon-based cocktails

Mexigin Margarita

Mexigin Margaritas elevate the flavor profile with a spicy smooth heat.  Unlike jalapeño tequila, the heat doesn’t burn on the front of the palate.

Mexigin Espresso

Replace Vodka in espresso and coffee-based cocktails with Mexigin.   Now a fuller range of flavor can be enjoyed in cold or warm coffee based cocktails.

Premium Artisan Gin

We spent years fusing the intense flavors of Latin America with high quality gin to discover a balance that everyone can enjoy. Placed in an artisan bottle that has been specifically designed to celebrate the Latin American culture from which our incredible taste is derived, Mexigin is meant to captivate the eyes on the shelf and the taste buds in the glass.

Mixologist Approved

Simply put, Mexigin is unlike any gin that you have ever tasted in your life. From consumer taste tests to working with world-renowned mixologists, the response to our Dark Spiced Gin has been overwhelming. We have partnered with top mixologists and restaurateurs to craft Mexigin recipes that add a new dimension to your favorite cocktails. Mexigin is changing the world of gin by offering something that no other bottle has.

Natural & Ethical

Our small-batch, handcrafted premium spirit combines classic citrusy notes with a variety of spices. The result? A delicious gin packing a flavorful punch, with an elevated heat profile on the back end. Mexigin is all-natural, gluten-free and we use ingredients that have been ethically and sustainably grown from regenerative agricultural sources.


A Gin Like No Other

6X Distilled Gin with Juniper, Distillate is 100% CornPeppers from…



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